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All builders, horse owners, and gardeners need a garden cart or wheelbarrow. There are dozens of occasions when you need to carry items around your building site, stable yard, or garden. Many items are light but quite bulky, others are much heavier. Rather than transporting items by hand (making 3 or 4 trips), it’s much convenient and easier to use the best wheelbarrow to move things around.

A wheelbarrow is a professional way to make the transportation of required items around your yard, construction site, or garden. Depending on where you want to take your items, it’s important to take your time and carefully choose the best kind of wheelbarrow for your need. Therefore, if you are heading out to buy a wheelbarrow, it is highly likely that you will get hundreds of options.


Note that the ideal wheelbarrow for you will not be the ideal one for someone else – your neighbor, friend, or other colleagues. Everyone has his/her unique needs; different gardening need, different garden, different construction site, etc. To make the best buying decision, you need to know what makes a good cart in general.

The first thing to consider is what you are going to use your machine for. Answering that question will help you narrow down the price, shape, and size you should consider.


There are 3 types of wheelbarrows on the market today. Whichever you choose will depend on your own personal preference and where you intend to use it.

A Hybrid Wheelbarrow – It is a mix of traditional wheelbarrow design that has been modernized. It comes with one, two, or even four wheels as well as different tub sizes for carrying different loads.

A Hill-Use Wheelbarrow – Although it isn’t specifically designed for hills, if you live in a hilly place, choose a cart that is easier to use in those conditions. Look for a machine with a lightweight frame (high-quality plastic). Also, choose a machine with 2 wheels and the one with better grips.

An Electric Wheelbarrow – The best high-tech alternative for you to consider is this type of a machine. As you might have guessed, it is more expensive than other types of wheelbarrows and even incurs maintenance costs.


Just like other products, there are a thousand of different customizations and options that wheelbarrow designers and manufacturers add to their tools’ load tub. They include the following:

Load Tub Material – The load tub or tray of a wheelbarrow may be made from wood, fabric (often a folding wheelbarrow), metal (stainless steel) or plastic (polyethylene). As a simple rule, the more sturdy and heavier the load tray material, the more weight your device will carry. This also means that your machine will be heavier, thus harder to operate.

Weight Limit – Every single cart manufacturer lists the maximum amount of weight their wheelbarrow will hold. The weight depends on a machine’s construction, with more study and heavier built tools able to carry more.

Cargo Volume – This is the space that you will fill in your device. Most carts average about 10 cubic ft. of material. In addition to the weight that the wheelbarrow will carry, consider the volume too. You cannot carry a 100 pounds load if you wheelbarrow can’t fit 100 pounds worth of load on it.


Under wheels, you need to consider the following things:

Number of Wheels – Wheelbarrows come with 1, 2, or 4 wheels. The traditional device comes with a single wheel, which might be hard to move, especially if you have a heavy load or you are moving up a hill. However, it is easier to turn and navigate through narrow spaces. A 2-wheel device is much stable while a 4-wheel machine is easier to drag behind with ease.

Wheel Types – Most high-quality devices have pneumatic wheels, which are similar to car wheels (filled with air). They roll smoothly over different types of terrains. Others are made of plastic – they break down easily.

Ball Bearings – The other factor that will affect the wheels is the ball bearing. The quality of this gadget will affect both how smooth and fast the wheel will roll along the surface as well as how much weight your cart will carry.


Other features to consider when buying the best wheelbarrow include:

Handles – The handles affect how easy your machine will turn and how easy it’s to offload the load.

Grips – The best handles feature a plasticised or rubberised grip of some form to help steer the cart easily.

Pegged Rests – Unless your machine comes with 4 wheels, it should have some type of structure to rest on when you set it down. The best structure is made of stainless steel material.

Racks – This is not common, but some machines have extra storage space running between the handles or even on the sides of the tray.

Rust Resistant – Consider buying a device that is resistant to different elements, unless you will be using it indoor.

Warranties – It is always good to go for a wheelbarrow that has a warranty.

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